• a pondering tree - [the speed of silence]



    when you believe i'm mortal,

    i'll be a white birch of God.

    It keeps one gesture,pondering by a pond.

    On a barren land,on a meadow grande.

    It keeps recalling the date we met,

    it keeps thinking the life we spent.

    until one day,the hurricane sweeps.

    but it's ok to sway,it's ok to flow

    i could let go the weight,all off my feet

    and one day you come,then one day you left

    i could just be wooden hearted,be nothing to shield.

    you won't read my poet,you'll leave like my leaves.

    I'm gone in your eye,like fire put off,

    I'm emerald coated,that locked up my sense.

    but when i touch the soil you've bled on,

    my mind comes alive,like the first time you said,

    "when shall we go?"