• spring blooms - [life miniature]





    Spring is in bloom,and all the love you found is true.

    you have prayed for a blessful trip to a celestial landscape,and you already managed the whole of it;

    you longed for a life which is high in sugr and low in calories,and you got half of it.

    you desperately wish for a day of independence,the real independence,and you're half way to it.

    a voice that leaks from the tranquility,which is dusty and furious,is telling me a way out of millions.i fail to foresee different destinies,i couldn't even read the veins of my palm.but i take pride in that sound in me,i strongly believed that there's a sweet way to my most brilliant spring.



  • less sweat, less calories, more exercise
    hail~aim highly~dear
    2009-02-08 01:31:14